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Sabrina Leonard

"I embrace the dark side as well as the light side, there I find the balance of my art.”

About Sabrina:

Sabrina created quite the stir at a young age. She was a talented young artist who quickly attracted the attention of her peers, parents, and supervisors in the elementary school. Unfortunately, the audience she drew was not overly celebratory. You see, her subject matter was typically macabre. It was her fascination with demons, death, and general horror that caused her mother to worry. As she grew older, however, it was clear that her drawings and paintings were a method of expressing her negative emotions. Due to past experiences sharing her work, she feared showing her artwork to the world as dark art was rarely portrayed in a positive manner in popular media. In response, she destroyed her own creations. As she matures as an artist, her work now reflects a realization that her means of expression goes beyond negative imagery, and works to reach an audience who also respond to art as a means of vehement personal expression. Inspired by professional mentors and her studies in an accredited artistic certification, Sabrina strives to connect her audience with the emotive characteristics of her body of work. As she moves forward, she continues to explore new ways of creating expressive art and incorporating new techniques and concepts in the development of an ever-expanding collection.


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