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Raven (Kai) Laforest

"Always strive to make something meaningful.”

About Raven (Kai):

Kai Laforest is a visual artist and graduate of Design and Visual Arts at Cambrian College. Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, she has spent most of her time creating art. Kai’s work ranges from the ordinary into the extraordinary, through the use of vibrant colours in the development of otherworldly imagery. Working predominantly in acrylic and digital drawing, Kai’s art reflects expressions of the animal kingdom while facing the harsh truths that come with it; such as death, starvation, loneliness, fear, and the reality of biological fragility. Seeking to pique the interest of her viewers through the emotive expression of bright colours and unnatural subject placement, Kai effectively creates expressions of predator vs prey, the hunt, and an up-close visual of vulnerability. Kai continues to study concepts many have become detached from in the creation of artworks that trigger instinctual fear and remind the audience, “we’re no less vulnerable than those animals outdoors".


Contact Raven (Kai):



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