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Each year, Design & Visual Arts graduating students work towards building a comprehensive body of work, with a focus on exploration of composition, media, techniques, and concept. 

We are so proud of this year’s class of Design + Visual Arts students. Their hard work and perserverance to grow and develop their work is evident in the impressive display in this exhibition.  This is, of course, aided through a huge support system of family, friends, mentors, peers, and faculty. 

Further to the support our students receive from Cambrian College, we are very pleased to offer our Design + Visual Arts students the opportunity to have work purchased and to be awarded bursaries for this program. We are very proud to present this year’s awards and bursaries:


Emerging Artist Bursary

This bursary is awarded to a student graduating from the Design and Visual Art program who demonstrates excellence in their studies, exceptional passion for their craft, and outreach in the artistic community. We are so pleased to announced the recipient of this bursary:

Angelina Jacques

moore_Spirit in the sky .jpeg

President's Award

The President's Award is a purchase award generously offered by Cambrian College's Office of the President. 

This year's President's Award is presented to:

Kattie Moore

"Spirit in the Sky"

Board of Governor's Award


The Board of Governor's Award is a purchase award generously offered by Cambrian College's Office of the President. 

This year's first  Board of Governor's Award is presented to:

Ash Sokolowicz



Board of Governor's Award

Board of Governor's Award

Board of Governor's Award

The Board of Governor's Award is a purchase award generously offered by Cambrian College's Office of the President. 

This year's second Board of Governor's Award is presented to:

Mars Petryna



Board of Governor's Award

The Board of Governor's Award is a purchase award generously offered by Cambrian College's Office of the President. 

This year's third Board of Governor's Award is presented to:

Kattie Moore



President's Collection

The President's Collection Award is a purchase award generously offered by Cambrian College's Office of the President. This purchase will be entered as a part of the President's Permanent Collection.

This year's President's Collection Award is presented to:

Komal Zaidi

"Wisdom of Waves"


Westby & Neufeld 
Collection Awards

The Westby & Neufeld Collection awards are purchase awards offered by faculty in the Design and Visual Arts program to become part of a private collection.

This year's Westby & Neufeld Collection Awards are presented to:

Hannah Bellmore

"Red Superior"

Lennan Lacasse

"I Can't See"

Mariah Laferriere

"Macro Dragonfly"

Ash Sokolowicz

"Mandala Triptych"

Messages from Faculty

From Richard:

Well, suddenly we find ourselves at the end of your fourth semester! I did suggest way back when, that it would go by in a flash. It certainly did. Congratulations! You've been the (hopefully) only cohort in the program history to have completed your studies entirely under some form of pandemic shutdown. Some of you I've never met in person! Thankfully we did have occasion to provide the opportunity for some studio time for those of you able to attend, and it was very nice to be able to spend that time working in a fashion which approached the way we are used to running our courses. Unfortunately we're not able to have an in person grad show, and are restricted to a virtual only event for the third year in a row. You've had to do this alone to a great extent, and that certainly added many challenges to an already challenging program of study. You've had to rely on your problem solving skills to manage all sorts of things that would have been provided or more readily elucidated in an in person working/learning environment, and ultimately, building independent critical thinking and problem solving skills is at the core of what the program is intended to impart. Hopefully you're able to take these skill and the self-motivation that has been required of you and bring it to bear on one of the most challenging aspects of post graduate life - continuing on independently with developing your skills and broadening your portfolio. Some of you will be going on to further formal studies, while others will be getting on with life. Best wishes to everyone in whatever endeavours the future holds.

From Johanna:

Big congratulations to this year's graduating class of 2022!

I am so proud of you all! Despite the many challenges through this experience, you developed an amazing body of work, and you should absolutely be very proud of yourselves. I appreciate all the great opportunities to learn with you, laugh with you, and spend many wonderful hours discussing your futures and potential. I will look forward to seeing what you do with all the talent that has been exhibited in this show. Only thing left to do is get out there and make it happen.. Get to work!

From Wallace:

It’s been a privilege to witness your growth over these past few years. Despite all of the challenges posed you’ve all managed to persevere. This feat can not be understated. I’ve particularly enjoyed working with you this past year on developing new techniques and encouraging the refinement of your personal style. Your enthusiastic creativity and eagerness to express yourself in new and relevant ways are inspiring. Find strength in your continued support of one another on your artistic journey, just as you have throughout this program. Recognize what fills your creative bucket; make efforts to organize your environment to ensure it contains what you need to ‘make.’ I look forward to seeing where this experience with us takes you. 

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