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Gaurav Saini

"Life is like a blank canvas, and sketching your inner afflictions is better than showing them.”

About Gaurav:

Gaurav Saini is an Indian artist who works in the current climate where many believe history has no relevance, he finds himself continually returning to those aspects that are often hidden or misrepresented in the “official” recordings for posterity. In his varied and diverse approaches to making artwork, the context of the work has an impact on the work’s relationship to the viewer. Gaurav’s work ranges from the context of the street to museums, from within to cosmos. Often focusing on the trappings of power and the rituals needed for its effect, or evoking the traditional distancing of the supplicant by those in power, giving voice to those who are often unheard, or revealing the power of language through history. The work takes on various forms intended to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness, create new and unpredictable cycles of thoughts and associations, providing an experimental chance to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions. Gaurav’s art style includes mandala art, stippling art, line works, and a lot of symbolism.


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