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Ash Sokolowicz


Scientific in her approach, Ash Sokolowicz utilizes her formal training in forensic science to guide her artistic method. Her experience in analytical perspective, medical understanding of human anatomy, and tangible background in the nature of decomposition provides Ash an insight into the development of form, not typically experienced by modern artists.

Taking inspiration from the great Da Vinci, Ash centers her progress towards becoming an achieved polymath and ambidexter. In her artistic process, Ash leads with her insatiable curiosity to obtain a deeper knowledge of the topic at hand. She employs a variety of techniques learned throughout this process, in the development of her compositions and interactive textured sculptures. Since 2018, Ash has continued to create thought-provoking imagery that sparks both dialogue and inquisition from her audience.


For interest in purchasing work or to find out more information about available works, please contact artist directly:



Instagram: @ashes.artgallery

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