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Lennan Lacasse


My name is Lennan Lacasse I’m an artist from Espanola I’m currently on my last year in the visual arts and design course at Cambrian, I could insert some personal belief I have about society but I don’t have much of anything too say really I just want to make art that you can look at and say “that’s pretty cool”. My favourite medium is just black ink and paper but dabble in all sorts of different medias like acrylic, water Colour even some digital art. I got into art because as a kid I loved drawing in school and carried that all throughout my life, I mainly drew with just a pen and my notebook doodling for my friends and I thought maybe I can turn this passion into a career and here I am.


Contact Lennan
For interest in purchasing work or to find out more information about available works, please contact artist directly:


Instagram: my_bad_art_ll

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