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"Bend your vision.”

About Ashish:

I am Ashish Nair and I am a visual merchandiser from India. I have persuaded Accessory Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India, and am currently pursuing Design and Visual Arts from Cambrian College. I am an optimistic artist seeking a positive vibe and trying to make my atmosphere one of a kind. I love to do everything that an artist would opt for. Thinking out of the box and pressuring my brain to create something outstanding for my audience is what I love. My artwork is a selection of what I enjoy and a combination of methodology that I love working on. I’m exploring a lot of media as it gives me satisfying results that I want to deliver to my audience. My work is entirely arbitrary and chaotic sometimes based on social content and mostly on research. My work varies in the scale and different uses of media, such as photography, film, and conventional art media. There is considerable diversity in the way my work is portrayed. Presentation of art may have a real effect on the perspective of individual experiences, generating strong connection and understanding. Using an expressive variety of colors and techniques allows me to steer the attention of my audience. When I’m stuck with my method or idea, I recall Bill Gates’ words, “If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”. I never proceed to the final process until I feel completely satisfied with my work. Instead, I love to work on the hurdle I am facing and get it simplified.


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